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Świętokrzyskie Province

Świętokrzyskie Province

The Świętokrzyskie province's territory is 11.672 km. sq. (it's about 1/4 of Holland's territory or more than half of Slovenia territory), The population is 1.328 000 (1/4 population od Slovakia or 2/3 population of Slovenia). It is divided into 102 communes and 14 districts in which there is one city with district rights - Kielce.

The Świętokrzyskie region is placed in a specific point on a geographical, historic and economic map of Poland. The location of a province at the intersection of important communication routes, not far from largest Polish agglomerations and close to the Slovakia and Ukraine border, makes it a very attractive place for investments. The industries in Kielce produce high quality articles, and there are evidences for it in form of quality certificates (with twenty cerificates ISO-9000 among them), letters of renowned world's recepients, prizes on international trades and exhibitions. The strength of regional economy is the building materials industry, based on it's own materials. Building company from Kielce are the largest and most dynamic ones in Poland. The important part of economy is the metallurgical, machine and precise industry and others like food and textile industries.

High Quality of products and services lets the offers of regional firms find buyers in 55 countries of the world. The ain partners in trade exchange are Germany, Great Britain, Ukraine, Italy and France. The great economic attractivenes of the province connected with convenient conditions, provided by local authorities by creating more companies with foreign capital.

The Świętokrzyskie region is also agricultural, the characteristic thing is that altough medium soil quality (besides the southern and eastern part) the harvests of fruit and vegetables are much larger than in other provinces. The Świętokrzystkie province is very significant supplier not only of mentioned fruit and vegetables but also potatoes, cereals, milk products and butter. Świętokrzyskie province also breeds swine,cows, pultry and there are a lot of fish ponds. The best and the most expensive pure-arabian-blood horses come from the stud farm in Michałów. These horses are wanted and esteemed by breeders all over the world. The search for new forms of economic activity resulted in creating many ecological farms producing healthy food and also agro-turistic farms.

Świętokrzyskie province is easly accessible fo touristic movement. The density of local roads makes it possible to reach every touristic-attractive places. For those wanting to rest in this region, large variety of attractions await: untainted natural enviroment, diverse scenery (Świętokrzyskie Mountains - one of the oldest in Europe, beatiful caves, large forest complexes, rivers and lakes), hundreds of unique monuments and museums. The ones that prefer active-rest will find here many attractive sport objects, bicycle routes, on-foot routes, places for: water-sports, winter-sports, air-sports and motor-sports.

Every year many cultural events take place in this province (festivals,mass outdoor events, shows etc.) The growth of ecological awareness and funds put into natural enviroment protection made it possible to reconstruct the natural enviroment from years before. On the region terrain appeared some new, not encountered in our century plants and animal species (beavers, white eagles)